About Jasmin Rituper


Jasmin Rituper is a lifelong Movement Artist, Performer, Model, Educator and Content Creator in the fields of Dance, Aerial, Acrobatics, Animal and Creature Work, Yoga, Burlesque, Sensual and Nude Body-Art.


Jasmin by Numbers

Jasmin creates and performs her own work, gets hired to perform and/or to create assigned dance/movement/character acts and roles for live and camera work (theater, festivals, events, film, video – artistic/ commercial/ promotional) and travels internationally for photo shoots. 

Out of her 38 years consistent and disciplined movement journey, Jasmin is also a very passionate and experienced teacher for dance, yoga, acrobatics, functional movement, burlesque, sensuality and erotic art.

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About Her

Jasmin Rituper

Movement Artist, Performer, Model,
Educator & Content Creator

Jasmin got her B.A. in Dance and Musical Theater in 2004 in Amsterdam, has lived and worked in New York for 7 years where she jumped into the wild waters of the New York performance scene. Surviving, tapping into many fields, she expanded her range of platforms, sharpened the versatility of a modern-day performer in New York City … surviving. stages like big city halls, to random dive bars, to oriental hookah bars to the oldest club in the city, to mansions in the Hamptons, to Brooklyn museum… and the list goes on. 

She experienced every form of using her skill sets, her passion, her overall disciplined and dedicated approach as a performer. She discovered many new or further developed ways of using dance, movement and physical acting. Next to all the live performance experiences, she stepped into the fields of camera work for film, music and dance videos, web content, trained and performed with a stunt team doing fight choreography and wire work which led into the aerial acrobatics – Silk, Hoop, Straps and Harness.

In 2013, Jasmin returned to Europe, Austria working as a special guest performer, choreographer, dance and acrobatic teacher for the theater “Schauspielhaus Salzburg”. She also became Soloist for the philharmonic orchestra  “Philharmonie Salzburg” as one of the main performers, solo dancers and aerialists and choreographers for the annual kids-classical-music festivals, for musical and gala shows and collaboration projects.  

  • Passion
  • Discipline
  • Authenticity

Next to her live performances and teachings, Jasmin always has worked as a model/performer for photo and video shoots. Especially now, since the world is in a big change and the digital era is becoming the main stage, she started to shift her focus more into creating online content and sharing the full spectrum of her artistry that has shaped her throughout her life and especially the knowledge she gained from these experiences. 

Her beautiful loft where she lives is set up for all kinds of teachings, coaching and shoots live and online. 

It is also her production home, set up for creating online teaching content, sensual nude art, her experimental movement-art, live talks, podcasts and video blogs as well as any kind of private sessions including remote shoots.

Being so versatile, fully-trained, dedicated and experienced in so many different movement styles, since she was 3 years old, as well as working on all platforms of the entertainment world, it allowed her to showcase her artistry in many ways.  She is a very soulful, passionate and committed artist, carries discipline, work-ethic and a highly professional, focused but fun attitude. She speaks and teaches in 3 languages and works internationally.


Her biggest Accomplishments


Who Am I

Webisode: Exclusive Membership

Show Your Talent

TV Show: Puls4 – Winner of Aerial Category – Aerial Hoop


Regular Photo & Video Shoots for Exclusive Content
New Website with Shop, New Logo, New ME.


Art Collective Team / Offering Creative *Artistic * Commercial Photo and Video content for hotel/spa/resort promotions.


The year… where the big shift on all levels began.

Baobab Theater Stage

Las Vegas / Burlesque and Special Guest Performer

Nosara Performing Arts Academy

Nosara, Costa Rica / Dance Instructor at Nalu, Aerial and Dance Instructor for Nosara Performing Arts Academy. Private Yoga Teacher


Denmark Photo Tour with Poppyseeddancer


E-Bike Commercial

Zwischenräume Festival

Philharmonie Salzburg , 40 min. Solo Dance Performance

Iamshapeshifting Brand Building

Creating my own products in form of photo and video content: artistic exclusive body and movement art. Digital Art Experiences

Reconstructing, Shedding, Branding my new ME, Production Base Building. Redirecting goals, skills, intentions, and output.

Online Movement Classes / Programs (Pre-produced)



Biggest contemporary Performance in the world. Directed by Hubert Lepka (Lawine Torren), produced and sponsored by Red Bull and Tourism Association Soelden.

Jasmin was chosen out of many international talents for one of the lead roles – goddess Venus. As Venus, Jasmin is starting with a dance solo in the glacier on a mini snow stage, then gets hooked to a flying helicopter, hanging on a 100 feet steel rope for her 3 min. air dance/character portray of goddess Venus at -15° C. She has been doing this show since 2013. This show happens every other year on the glacier of the Austrian alps.

Philharmonic Orchestra – Apprentice concert

Jasmin was picked to do a Solo Dance/Aerial Silk Performance at this huge concert which happens in the biggest concert/opera houses in Salzburg. seating 1480 people. Sold out.

Pocket Radio – A Burlesque Fantasy

A full-length Burlesque Show – starring Jasmin Rituper as a Solo Performer doing 12 Solo Acts (various dance styles, contortion, burlesque…) together with Fabio Buccafusco on the piano and the Blu Birds (singing Trio). The Show premiered in Oct. 2018 at the “Schauspielhaus Salzburg “ and was picked up for a second run in April 2019. All 14 Shows were sold out. In this show, Jasmin showed a huge repertoire on dance styles. Ballett, tap, jazz, acrobatics, puppet movement, contortion, sensual/burlesque dance and acting.

All choreography is done by Jasmin Rituper. Directed by Robert Pienz.


The Next Level

Jasmin Rituper as special guest for the Jubilee Concert of Philharmonie Salzburg.

Acrobatics, DJs & A Live-Orchestra with music by Dvořák, Beethoven and J. Williams, two DJs and performers. ON STAGE:

Stefanie Millinger, Jasmin Rituper, Chris Dunston. Josefine Stenstroem Urbanatix Bochum Acrobatics

Christian Eggert Regie, Troy Savoy & Mr. Harvey Miller DJs Elisabeth Fuchs Conductor – Philharmonie Salzburg.


Nights in the Moulin Rouge

The theatre version of the story behind the Moulin Rouge and the life of the painter Herni Lautrec.

Jasmin Rituper played La Goulue one of the main roles, choreographed every dance and movement part in the 2 1/2 hr play and incorporated her aerial acts and acrobatic txt to the dancing. She shows a large scale of her skills: Dance, Acrobatic, Aerial and Acting.

Show run: May/June 2018 at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg.

Hahnenkamm-Race Kitzbuehl

January 2018, Jasmin Rituper was part of the small performance team of the VIP Party of the biggest ski event in the world. The ski-world-cup, Hahnenkamm Race. Next to Cool and the Gang, the Cataract Performers including Jasmin Rituper entertained stars like Niki Lauda, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Porsche throughout the night. Dance, Aerial Acrobatics and Freestyle shows.


Gala Show of Salzburgerin of the year 2017 award

Jasmin Rituper – Aerial Performer

Award Show of the cultural fonds of the city Salzburg

Solo Dance with live music quartet: Jasmin Rituper.

World Conference – Lifting Future – company Palfinger

Together with the Cataracts Agency, Jasmin Rituper is part of one of the main performers – Director Peter Percht won gold at the Austrian event awards for corporate events with the world conference show at the headquarters of the biggest crane company in the world – Palfinger in Salzburg.

I Am Shapeshifting – Multimedia Dance Theater Show

Presented through a wide range of dance styles, aerial acrobatics, acting, pre-produced voice material – all by Jasmin Rituper.

This one-hour long performance was produced, choreographed and performed by Jasmin Rituper based on her real life-story.

Directed by Alexander Wengler. Jasmin Rituper got funded by the cultural department of the city Salzburg, sponsored by several art institutions and the theatre – Arge Kultur.

All 6 shows were sold out and had great reviews highlighting the authenticity, uniqueness, great use of so many different performance skills and capability to transmit this unfiltered passion and truth of her as an artist and person.


Broadway meets Hip Hop

Big Orchestra show at the biggest opera house – Festpielhaus Salzburg and the Festspielhaus in Villach, Tirol. Jasmin Rituper choreographed and danced this evening-length concert together with Alexander Wengler and friends.

She was part of the ensemble numbers as well as solo performance.

Concert for the Apprentice

Jasmin Rituper was the only dancer solo and duet together with Alexander Wengler at the apprentice concert, performed by the philharmonic orchestra Salzburg at the opera/concert hall Festspielhaus Salzburg.

Hieronimus Bosch

A theater play about the life of the historical painter HB. This play premiered and ran at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg for 5 weeks and was a collaboration with the national theatre of Luxembourg where they played in Jan. 2017 for another week. Jasmin Rituper portrayed the mythical creature – the only movement role in that piece. of the most known paintings of HB. In this 2 1/2 hr long piece she is on stage for almost the whole play, climbing on a metal construction, metal high chairs , using her dance, acrobatic and contortion skills as well as being a strong physical actor.


Box 204

This was a LIVE Theater Dance Show with Motion Picture and 3D Mapping. produced and performed in 2 parts (2015/2016)

Jasmin was the Lead and only Female performer. Produced by Sergej Pumper, shown at Republic Salzburg

Since 2013


Biggest contemporary performance in the world.
Lead Role: Venus, Dance Solo and helicopter air-dance/flight