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How to choose the best program/training method for YOU?


check out the different variations I am offering.
Choose an option that feels good and works for you to get started. Especially with bodywork, I am highly recommending to not overthink how to start but choose something to get started with to have a physical experience and then have a better feel if you want to continue or go with another option. 

No matter what

class, style or program you choose, I am creating an energetic space that comes with the necessary tools for conditioning, developing your physical well-being, getting to know yourself on many levels and discover new layers through the physical approach. Within the body-work journey, we look for strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, stability, functionality, coordination, movement, rhythm, sensuality and other sensations we physically feel and visually see. 

For the inner motivation

we want to experience moments of achievements through experiencing being more flexible, executing a trick, pose or move which we were not able to before. Out of my experience and fully dedicated life as a movement artist, student, performer later choreographer, teacher and guide, I never have stopped learning about my own body and its capabilities, its functions, reactions, intuitive language and how everything is connected. 

In my teaching and guidance

there is a lot of information sharing, helping tools for breath, nutrition and self-care in combination with the specific class or program you choose. To get the maximum result of anything we do or approach, we need to feel safe and be able to fully dive into the learning process. I am creating the space for you to do that. That space of sacred energy where we can let our spirit unfold, feel the soul and move closer to our true self. 

When we work together

no matter if that is online, in person or following my pre-filmed programs, we are sharing an energetic space.
That to me is always sacred and will be honored.

There are different options of training, moving and educating your body mind and soul with my guidance.


Teaching Options