” Black Panther ” – the beginning

133.00 $

15:25 min

Black Panther – The beginning – pt. 1 ( of 3 )

15 min. (long version) of the sensual cinematic and boudoir style movement art video. Exploring the playful sometimes wild yet innocent behavior of cat and panther like creatures through my movement, my body language and my expression. Shedding off the fishnet bodystocking suit is happening throughout pt. 1. Going in strong and animalistic shapes, showcasing all my skills through the this expressive and story-telling mood. My natural way of moving and be-having. A full plate of of physical delicates .. BodyArt in motion.


Black Panther – the beginning – Pt. 1 out of 3. (15min. version)

This boudoir style sensual cinematic movement experience…(what i call it) is so far my favorite piece and will be one of my signature products. It holds ALL of me. This piece is story telling , cinematic, sensual, playful, seductive, pure, animalistic,…. and THAT is how i would describe me, Jasmin…. as well.

There was no storyboard, or directing, no planning beside the light set up in my center space of my loft and my outfit .

Working with Tommy Tones, the videographer and photographer is unique and special . We both work in a very similar way , allowing to let things happen and develop. He knows me, my movement, my mood and during the shoot, I can tap into my zone, my creative space…instantly. This ability of tapping into the zone so quick is a crafted gift that i have been conditioning¬† ” to tap into ” my whole life and now am at a point where it can happen like a button switch..when creating with certain artist that share this creative space and flow.

Since my Art is always a “Reaction” to the world around me and inside me…. there is always some kind of¬† Shedding, Metamorphing, Dying and Rising, Changing happening. And that is the natural way of everything. Every living and breathing being. Nothing ever remains in one shape or state . Life is a flow…constant change… always around and within us.

Black Panther highlights 3 parts of Jasmin that i Love. Playfulness, the Sensual and Erotic Part and my power and strength….coming out through my animal.

Wearing a black fishnet bodystocking , my hair in 2 cat – like buns . The. Movement¬† is in slow motion to be able to experience the mood and essence best, ….Slowly and playfully…wild and animalistic body language, shapes and movements and later the shedding of the bodysuit is happening and that is the end of part. 1.

Part 2 follows by emerging into my lioness . into my mother. the hair goes wild and open, the inner holding / behavior is changing. I have a blue sheer fabric coming in. A new story…..yet the natural developed continuation of this one.

The Mother,…the Liones. part. 2 (coming out soon.)

ALL thee creations have full cinematic photo sets. These photos are powerful y themself but create a story as a full set.