Red Snow White

55.00 $

04:35 min

Red Snow White – a poetic striptease. Wearing my red long dress and red high heels…stepping out into the snow on my balcony facing the mountain wall . Dancing and embracing the falling snow flakes , Out of the dress, being left with the red heels and white slip…eventually being my natural me , all of me…in the snow. Movement poetry. Sensual. Calming.


Red Snow White…. Poetic Striptease.

The name came to me by remembering the feeling i had when I created this Movement Piece. A time of silence when snow was falling down…living through my new moments after a powerful spiritual awakening i experienced… Beautiful insights and powerful downloads … the channel opened. Again,..more… connected to the source . Over this last year, i became fully aware of how to direct my sensual, erotic yet healing and naturally expressed body language. How i use my intentions before, during and after the creative process. Honoring…being aware of my crafted gifts i care for so dearly.

This piece is very healing, calming, pure and focusing on the innocent and very natural emotion being expressed through my body and very slow movement. Adapting to the surrounding, the peacefulness of the snow…how i am undressing the red dress …wearing a white simple thong and my red heels… eventually stripping off everything …. This is my movement, my medicine, my sensuality and reaction of that very moment…

Time stands still…. each snow flake holds a little portion of my energetic love information and living in this movement piece, 4 ever….