Come under my wings

35.00 $

04:16 min

Behind the Scene video of the “Rosso” Photo Shoot, on music – Ostrich feather fans, burlesque heels and my body in front of the red paper backdrop. Lots of sensuality, strong shapes, splits, backbends …with the feathers and the mood 😉



BEHIND THE SCENES of the “ Rosso “ Shoot – part 3 . Fether Fans, Burlesque Heels and my Body with he beautiful red paper backdrop. Video Edit in slow-motion, on music. 

The last Set on the Floor with my bare body, high heels and my beautiful white feather fans. Props i have performed on many stages in many countries with. Costumes that are with you for a whole…carry and hold the energy of all created memories.

Our memories are part of us….the reminders of who we came to here…this…be like…

Not holding on,…but honoring them.

every time i take my wings…i create my new history..

Come….fly with me…spiral into the ocean of sensual expression, the color red and slow motion movement.