Body on Wax

145.00 $

14:34 min

Sensual Cinematic Movement Art Video. Intense, Abstract, Trippy, Showcasing play of movement and muscles in motion. Applying Paint and hot wax on the body expressed and executed in a performative way…by truly experiencing IT.


I am very excited to share this first edit of a very intense, experimental, honest, raw and expressive video shoot and my personal first stepping stone into a new direction fo my artistic expression. With this video art piece, I am opening a new space of sharing my sensuality, erotic, honest behavior through movement and expression.

Creating my world. I welcome you and invite you for : Sensual Cinematic Movement Art

“ Body on Wax ”

Applying the paint …was part of the whole video shoot, using music to set the tone… using low lights and candles and close up camera.

Shooting with my good friend Tommy who i fully trust and who is n incredible artist.  when you have the camera so close, moving ….from all directions…there is no “respectful distance” as when you do a foto-shoot…. thats why , you need to feel 100 ultimate trust into the person. meeting on a pure artistic, expressive level to create things like this…

Then….also and only then….you feel that magic of creation with a healing intention behind.

MY healing…. this is IT.  Expressed in many ways and forms…and this is one way. I am expressing myself with a new layer to my many shades of all colors. A new  experimental, raw, bold, but still pure… approach.